The series of murals prepared by Ferenc Lieb, travelling painter from Igló, is the unique feature of the palace, located in the residential quarters of the former owners.

Our guests start discovering the palace by viewing a 3-D short film. The film presents one year of Ferenc Lieb, a travelling painter from the Hungarian Highlands, spent in Edelény, through a story built partly on real persons and facts and partly on fictional events. In the film, after completing the six rooms adorned with murals in the palace, the painter looks through his sketches and tells his wife about the time he spent in the building. Then, the drawings come to life one after the other, offering a glimpse of certain moments of Ferenc Lieb. The time spent in Edelény had outstanding significance not only in Ferenc Lieb’s life but the presence and activity of the painter also meant a determining experience for the young heir of the palace, “Little Ferus”.

The  story of the six rooms adorned with murals unfolds picture by picture and we can get to know the character of the main players and their relationships with each other, while iconic personalities and typical life situations of the era are also recalled as we can take an imaginary trip through the former weekdays of the palace and its surroundings.

The director of the film is Géza M. Tóth