Népszuper is the fantasy name of a radio station, but also the name of a unique historical exhibition in Hungary, that represent a quarter of a century based on the diverse interest of the late György Barna. Every object and document has a story. The exhibition is located in the economic building, in the rooms that served as rents from the 50s till the 80s.

The exhibition gives a glimpse of the mood of the period with all the characteristics: like the originally wrapped luxury items, everyday household utensils, apart from pieces of art advertisements and political posters can also be found here, two of the vehicles of the age, honours, diplomas, memories of the socialist reforms on agriculture and of course some kitsches.

Today the board games like “land, bread, freedom” seem much more tragic then humorous. The period from 1945 till 1968 in Hungarian history put a huge emphasis on appreciating merits. During the years of sovietization while the children were getting familiar with soviet folk tales and board games, the “Szikra Lapnyomda” ( Press ) printed a vast of the copies of classics like: Marx, Engels, Stalin and Lenin, which can be seen in the exhibition as well. This cult of Lenin is shown in the numerous statues of different material and size appearing on pedestals and desks.